Economising on humanity

written in 2005 not published

You claim that you’re efficient, the economy’s ant’s pants,
that you’ll make us rich and powerful, our reputation you’ll enhance.
You say we’re acting with compassion when we keep our borders closed,
that it is the Aussie fashion – then please tell us why we’re on the nose.
Mandatory detention your cabinet’s intention is a sordid intervention.
You have really have made a blue – do you have any apprehension?
We’re economising on humanity towards the frightened refugee
wouldn’t it be cheaper to close the camps and set them all free?
It took you nearly three years to drive a young girl mad
to break her mother’s heart and make her father sad.
You’re cutting back on welfare, stealing Indigenous people’s land
saying they must meet their obligation, it’s the government’s command.
You’re slashing workers’ wages and getting rid of their award,
travelling half way round the world to put Iraqis to the sword.
Those with disabilities and single mums with school-aged kids
you say are lazy shirkers who will very soon be on the skids.
Well comrades John and Peter we’ve listened to the lies you tell
and decent people everywhere wish you a speedy trip to hell.