First published in Green Left Weekly 8 December 2004 p.22.


I stand with the people of Fallujah
as they try to repel the Yankee murderer.
I cry with the children and their mothers
as they stare at the bodies of their brothers.
I walk through the ruins of their houses
and watch while the wives bury spouses.

From their B-52s, as if they’ve nothing to lose,
they drop their deadly rain causing mayhem and pain.
Their depleted uranium lasts in perpetuum,
while cluster bombs add a few more tombs.
They rely on chemical weaponry when they really need a visionary.
With their armour-plated heart they tear this town apart
but it is just another error in this bloody war of terror,
and more blood stains the soil because they want Iraqi oil.
Let them roll their loaded dice in the end they’ll pay the price.
Arrogance their main device and in the end they’ll pay the price.

I raise a toast the people of Fallujah
each time they kill a Yankee murderer.
I mourn each civilian who will die
and cheer the resistance as they try
to stop this invasion of their town
I hope the world won’t let them down.