Free trade agreement

First published in Green Left Weekly 15/9/2004 p.21. Vol. 598
also in New Community Quarterly Vol.2 No.3 Spring 2004 p.16

We all want an FTA with the USA.
We’ve got lots of money to give away.
Don’t worry about the jobs we lose,
sacked workers can hit the booze.
Australian intellectual property rights
will only lead to endless fights.
If you worry about the PBS
it will only engender chronic stress.
So just pay more for scripts OK.
That’s the all American way.
Though it may cause some minor grief
we’ll sell them the Great Barrier Reef.
They can have Kakadu and Uluru
we’ll even chuck in Taronga Park Zoo.
A sugar deal would have made it sweet –
still we refuse to see it as a defeat.
What we can’t sell we’ll give away
to our new best friend the USA.
We’ll send our troops to fight their wars
after all it’s such a very good cause.
Don’t think about what the critics say,
it will only evoke undue dismay.
It’s such a good deal the yanks all say,
so, we want an FTA with the USA.