Getting Scotted

Written in 2013

Scott Morrison said that whenever asylum seekers
were released into the community on bridging visas
their neighbours, the police and health departments
should be notified.

His statement followed one asylum seeker
being charged with sexual assualt.
The Canberra Times reported the next day
that asylum seekers were 45 times less likely
to commit offenses than Australian residents.
Who is Scott Morrison?

An intellectual, a philanthropist, a genius,
a criminologist, a shock jock, a religious leader?
No. None of these.

Scott Morrison is the Federal Liberal Party’s
Shadow Minister for Immigration.
His father was a copper.
He is the member for Cook that takes in
Cronulla, best known for anti-Muslim riots.
He was born on the 13th May 1968
unfortunately, at this point we have no date of death.