Gina Rinehart – Controlling Fairfax

written in 2012 don’t know if it was published

Dear Gina Rinehart this is where we part.
When you were just a miner
and me a constant whiner
it didn’t seem to matter much at all.
But now you want to tell the fourth estate
whom it is that they must love
and whom that they should hate.
You want the Herald and the Age
to pretend that you’re a sage,
to fight mining tax and carbon price
and make-believe that you are nice.
If you can’t control the Fairfax board
you will wield a sharpened sword
and become their overlord.
You may even – in a thrice –
sell your shares to drop their price.
Then when they fall you’ll buy them back
giving the existing board the sack.
Like your father did at Wittenoom,
where workers choked on Asbestos dust,
you’ll make money doing what you must.