God, King and Country

I joined Bush’s War of Terror
enjoying each and every horror.
I supported queen and country
did nothing to the contrary.
I sang for god and holy ghost,
drank the wine and ate the host.
I massacred for the Tsar
and slaughtered for the Shah:
I followed the Ayatollah
and a Mullah in Ramallah.
I built the Zionist State
on racist lies and hate.
I ran Nazi concentration camps
gassing Gypsies, Jews and tramps.
I locked-up radicals and ratbags
in each of Stalin’s gulags.
I bought calming gas for Putin
to use in slaughtering Chechens.
But when I saw Jesus with a piggy bank,
do you know that my poor heart sank.
Still I went out amongst the slaves
telling one and all that “Jesus saves”.

Written in 2002