Gratuitous advice

written in 2011

Please ignore my words
for what I say may offend.
Don’t listen to me
because I may be wrong.
Don’t become a follower
because that would make me a leader
and leadership might be the problem.
As the poster says
“When the people lead
the leaders will follow.”
Search for answers elsewhere
enquire somewhere safe.
Don’t struggle with complexity
settle for the simple
easy answers are the most satisfying.
Look amongst the contented
try following the apathetic
listen to the powerful
they might not be right
but it won’t matter
you’ll be looked after.
Challenging the elites
leads to alienation
even anger and frustration.
If you confront the gentry
you might discover the truth
but what sort of truth would that be?
Will that truth make you wiser
or just more alienated?
Will it separate you from the complacent?
You might be better to settle
for a simple life of compliance
of dalliances with the devil,
of connivance with exploiters.
If you still desire to walk free
don’t say you were not warned.