Has Howard gone for real?

We’ll have Howard on the run when the lie detector comes
have Howard on the run when the truth inspector strums
the people will sing there’ll be whistles and drums
we’ll be closing the camps when the lie detector comes.

There’ll be voting in the morning, voting through the day
when the people finally send Howard on his way
refugees will get their visas and be allowed to stay
once he’s despatched from Kirribilli we’ll all shout hooray.

Workers up and down the country will all get decent pay
we will abolish unemployment to the Liberals’ dismay
on the shop-floor men and women will get a proper say
together in the struggle we’ll face it come what may.

With humanity and justice we’ll put and end to war
share our wealth and hope with everyone what’s more
we’ll labour and we’ll struggle know what we’re fighting for
only rest when once we know that Howard’s outside the door.

The history of injustice he can no longer conceal
with Indigenous Australians we’ll do a proper deal
the sores of past indifference might finally come to heal
reconciliation only comes when Howard has gone for real.

Written but not published 2004