The leader of the flea world.

Donald Grump and Recom Pence
planned to build a mighty fence
to enable Amerika to hate again
have the Ku Klux Klan rule again
to keep the Mexicans and the poor
from trying to enter by the back door.

Seems they can’t get enough Norwegians
but they have Africans by the legions,
and El Salvadorians from the regions.
When they need just more white folk
I am not fibbing, it’s not a joke
they’d even take the odd Glaswegian
so long as they’re shinny white
not Muslim or North Korean.

It’s not rocket science you know
cause the Donald told me so.
To you and me it mightn’t make much sense
but we’ve got to follow Donald Grump
and of course, young Recom Pence.

written 15/1/2018