Peace and justice too 

Let’s clear away the bullshit, let’s cut straight to the chase
are Australians now prepared to rejoin the human race?
Can we learn to say “sorry”, to the Stolen Generations?
Be prepared to take our place amongst the league of nations?

Can we make a proper home for asylum seekers here
or are we content to turn our backs – look away or sneer?
Will we accept sanctuary seekers who come from overseas,
or are they bound to wander – forever refugees.
Will we strive for peace –try to put the world at ease,
and abolish all detention camps to free the refugees ?

Camus has said that there’s a place for every one of you
to show you love your country, and peace and justice too.
To leave the simple answers to the disk jocks and the fools
and live our life humanely within international rules.

Are we content with ten-second grabs and politicians lies,
with their glib doorstop distortions about those whom they despise.
A country where the unemployed must stand outside the factory gate,
and where politicians tell the widows that they must pull their weight.

Like a child picking at a running sore we seek blood and guts and war
where there’s hatred and indifference and ignorance what’s more.
Have we got the will, do we have enough imagination
to join as one – white and Black – and build a mighty nation?

Written in 2002.