Riding high

Written in 2007 prior to election not published.


For now he’s riding high
but soon we’ll see him cry
when he looses the seat
of Bennelong.
I’ll give you a clue
‘twill be Maxine McKew
who captures the seat
of Bennelong.
Oh for heavens sake
we have done with yellow cake
with a waste dump in every lake
and desert too.

And in Wentworth so they say
Turnbull has had his day
he’s green around the gill
about the Gunns’ pulp mill
his voice is growing shrill
he’s a pompous boring dill
the people soon will thrill
when he loses the seat
of Wentworth.

Tony Abbott pulled a rabbit
from beneath his dirty habit
but some said that it stunk
upsetting the mad monk
he asked George Pell to pray
that he hadn’t had his day
but the voters smelt decay
and they’ll shout hooray
when he loses the seat
of Warringah.

Up strode old Phillip Ruddock
with the charm of a shock jock
and his cryovac appearance
a refugee from his adherents
he explained his antecedents
to all the other decedents
he said he go the extra mile
but the voters will only smile
when he loses the seat
of Berowra.

Alexander Dower was there
with his toffie pommie air
and his stockings in a knot
looking like a complete clot
he mouthed a platitude or two
said Howard would pull through
he asked voter to wait awhile
but you’ll only see them smile
when he loses the seat
of Mayo.