Small delights

Written in 2005 Not Published.

I love the sight of the first shafts of light reflected from the razor wire at Baxter.
I’m overjoyed when I hear ministers warning asylum seekers against presuming on our compassion and humanity.
I’m heartened when I think of the deterrent power that the drowning of 353 would be refugees on the SIEV X provides.
I become almost ecstatic when I recall how much blood there was when 13 internees at Villawood cut their wrists.
I get an inner warmth when I reflect upon the images of asylum seekers with their lips sewn together at Woomera.
I really enjoy seeing their incarcerated children being slowly driven mad.
I can watch for hours videos of our navy turning away the Tampa from Christmas Island.
I laugh when I remember what we did to Cornelia Rau and Vivian Solon.
I thank John Howard for these small mercies and that’s why I vote Liberal.