The A and B of it.

Written in 2014

In our government we’ve got an Abbott and a Bishop
but no decency.
Some humanitarians have decried this government’s
exploitation of asylum seekers for venal gain
others have blamed it for causing pain.
Some have criticised it for standing in the way of gay marriage
claiming women and women and men and men
go together like a horse and carriage.
We know that the Abbott would axe the tax
and allow polluters to let the carbon run free
heating the land and warming the sea.
Whether it’s carbon monoxide
or carbon dioxide
both kill if there’s too much of it.
The Bishop promised us relief
she’s intending to do this
by dredging the reef
at Abbott Point.
We need to destroy the Great Barrier Reef.
It seems that we have to sell our soul
if we want China to buy the coal.
The government believes that we all want to pay to see doctors
that we are all demanding a Medicare co-payment
that the poor don’t need medical treatment that’s free
instead that they are demanding the right to pay a fee:
a nonsensical way out of penury and poverty.
Both the Abbott and the Bishop are morally bankrupt
in the sense that they are lacking humanity
insensible to others plight and unjustifiably arrogant.
From the beach at Manly and the grassy knoll at Kirribilli
the Abbott knows that Aborigines can’t succeed
without the Northern Territory Intervention
and his very own personal condescension.