Two thousand years of struggle

Jesus climbed down from the cross
leaving the thieves astounded
wondering at their loss.
Pontius Pilot was left pondering
what he’d done wrong and who was boss.
Then doubting Thomas ignored it
for he couldn’t give a toss.
The soldier who had speared him
and the one with the crown of thorns
where hoisted on a dilemma
one with many horns.
The people who had stilled their voice
and those who ran and hid
were wondering what was going on
and what was God’s next bid.
Mary ran towards him to comfort and console
only a loving mother can reach the inner soul.
The crowd of his betrayers
and all of those naysayers
the soldiers and obeyers
who had done the powerful’s bidding
mindfully averted their gaze
pretending they were kidding
but there is no redemption
for traitors to the cause.
At the moment of your testing
take your time and pause
be true to the struggle
be strong and take a stand
join in common union
take your comrade’s hand.
Attempt to do what’s right,
don’t let the troubles of the world
nor pride or inducements
defect or distort your sight.

Written in 2016,