Abbottolic social policy: as will be adopted by the Macquarie Dictionary

Written in 2014 circulated but not published

Abbottolic: an adjective – see for similarity shambolic but in this case there is no lack of organisation or direction. For direction just follow those in the front row wearing the black shirts of young Mussolini movement. The essence of Abbottolism (noun) can only adequately expressed through the thin fascist lips of the Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz . Note: do not be side tracked by the mincing poodle sidesteps of Christopher (I’ve been to confession) Pyne.

Abbottolism, whilst it derives some intellectual strengths from the Mullahs enamoured by the Ayatollah, in another sense is the exact opposite –see George Brandis’ Why I support the idea that everyone has a right to be an Andrew Bolt type bigot.

The essence of Abbottolism (in for example, social policy) is that it takes from less affluent and gives to the more affluent. This is done in order that wealth, after a couple of hundred centuries, eventually trickles down to the deserving poor. But remember, as any incontinent can tell you, their thighs are always wetter than their feet.

The essential essence of Abbottolism is that of: extreme meanness, a promotion of downward envy, a determination to crush unionism, working class solidarity and egalitarianism, a grotesque perversion of the humanitarian spirit, an intense hatred of those without wealth, an avarice for political popularity and a total dismissal of the powerless.