Mainstreaming the assimilation of Indigenous Australia

Written circa 2005.


During the opening of the Keith Windschuttle Indigenous Holocaust Denial Research Centre at the One Nation University in Ipswich today, John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, announced “In the past we have made too many excuses for them; from now on Aboriginal Australians are going to be expected to walk on water without getting their feet wet, just like everyone else.” He went on to say how much he deplored the actions of Labor Premiers Beatty and Carr in offering Aborigines part of the wages that were withheld or stolen from them for their work on cattle stations, missions and government settlements over the last 50 years.

“This is the thin edge of the wedge,” Mr Howard said “ and if Labor Governments start paying monies to these workers, for wages owed to them for past work then the next thing you’ll know is that Indigenous workers currently forced to work for the dole on the CDEP will start demanding award wages.”

John Howard declared that “There are two sides to every question and it is unjust to give special treatment to Aborigines. Too many people forget the endless hours put in by police protectors, government officials and missionaries in the past to ensure that Aborigines and their families did not get their grubby hands on their wages. They knew then, as you and I should acknowledge now, that if Aborigines had got their hands on their wages at the time they would only have wasted it. It was far better that the protectors spent it as they saw fit.”

Mr Howard said, “Everyone should be treated equally. If Aborigines are to be compensated for having their wages stolen then those who stole the money should be compensated as well.”

Mr Windschuttle said “I am sick and tired of Aborigines continuing to claim their ancestors were dispossessed, raped, poisoned and shot. Such fabrications are simply an attempt to disguise the fact that the original inhabitants of this country were too barbaric to accept the offer of peaceful development made by the white settlers. As a result of their stupidity they have sunk into primitive and depraved ways. Clearly, Aborigines have only themselves to blame for their current predicament.”

Prime Minister Howard said today “The most pressing task facing Indigenous Australians is to smooth the dying conscience of white Australians before the next election.”