Parlour–meant–(to do it)-arians


I grew up in the town of Gympie in South East Queensland; around the town there were lots of dairy, fruit and vegetable farms. The predominant vegetable grown was green beans. James Nash discovered gold in Gympie, in 1867. Once the gold ran out Gympieites had little to boast about. Some bright spark declared Gympie to be the “Bean capital of the world”. After leaving Gympie to go and work in Brisbane I soon realised that lots of other young people had drifted to the big smoke from country districts. When you met someone new one of the first questions asked was “Where do you come from?”

I would, being a loyal son of the soil, always answer “Gympie: the bean capital of the world. All the could have beens, should have beens, might have beens all live there.”