John Howard is destroying our welfare

Published 21/11/2007 in Al-Moharer

His prostrate on fire and his heart full of hate,
he wants to destroy the entire welfare state.
For years, day by day, he’s cut bits away
and though he’s been deft, there are parts of it left.
He’s slashed and he’s burned and it is depleted
but he tells us the job is still not completed.
The widow and kid are still getting a quid
and he sighs with regret that his target’s not met
while the unemployed maid is still getting paid
it’s opportunely time for an “obligations” upgrade.

With his heart full of hate he’s going to cremate
all that he can find of the old welfare state.
In its place he’ll create a new form of despair,
and in a lasting nightmare he intends to ensnare
all those in wheel chairs and those needing care.
With his bellicose piety he’ll impose
a variety of incentives,
directives and
as he builds his opportunist society.

John Tomlinson and Penny Harrington