The dark days of the Ruddites

The government tells those aged between 17 and 25
they’ve got to be either learning or earning
or their social security will be withheld.
Young unemployed don’t need to be compelled;
they need to be provided with opportunities to learn
and helped to build careers so they can earn.

When I was that age I was burning and yearning
sometimes instead I’d be sucking and trucking
or ducking and chucking-up all over the footpath.
In those days there was plenty of work
and governments didn’t have to shirk
their responsibilities to pay unemployment benefits.

This Rudd Government chases false prophets;
it has sunk so low as to plagiarise Latham:
yes, Mark Latham who could always find someone to slam.
Plagiarising good ideas from clever people is smart
but Rudd’s ideas show the brain and heart are far apart.

Will someone help Labor find good ideas to steal
maybe some with a decent human feel?
If they weren’t so lazy then they might reveal
they can think for themselves and can appeal
not only to base instincts of downward envy…
then “we’ll have pie in the sky when we die”.

First published in New Community Quarterly Vol.7 No.2 Winter 2009. p.5