Well gather round people wherever you’re from
and I’ll tell you a story with depth and aplomb.
Refugees are wandering – they don’t have a home
we should try to help them – not leave them alone.
Their countries exploded – their families are shattered
those they relied on are maimed, evicted and scattered.
Militias are fighting for the war torn remnants
every side saying they are fighting for justice.
As far as I can see there is only desolation,
children are injured – dying of malnutrition.
We have Peter the Dutton and Morrison the glutton
who’d lock them away – they won’t let them stay
they jail them in penury – return them to tyranny.
They have no notion of a liberating humanity.

There has never been a more exciting time to be an idiot
There has never been a worse time to avert our eyes.
Greed, a lack of compassion, xenophobia are rife
why would we help people who are fleeing strife?
As we export the coal and sell our soul
ignoring the grief and killing  the Reef
we should celebrate the fact that our time here is brief.

Written in 2016.