The Pacific solution

First published in Al-Moharer  24/8/2004.

It sounds so reassuring to talk about the Pacific solution.
Images of peaceful coral atolls and sun-drenched beaches
with dugout canoes which children paddle on still blue waters,
and coconut trees sway in gentle breezes whilst island women dance.

Yet we recoil in horror at the mention of “the final solution”
because we associate that metaphor with Adolph Hitler:
we are reminded of the choking gasses of Auschwitch,
and the hunger and terror of the inmates in Buchenwald.

The Pacific solution is no final solution.
Though it may seem an eternity to those in barbed-wire enclosures,
three years separated from their family,
daily tramping bulldozed coral rubble.

The Pacific solution will not last, it cannot last, its time is past.
The Australian people will throw John Howard overboard,
they are tired of deceit and no longer want this liar as overlord.
It’s time to vote for peace, justice and decency at last.