Beattie mania

First published in Al-Moharer 7/3/2007.

Flying squads with cattle prods playing God in Beattie’s racist state,
trained thugs high on the drug of righteous indignation.
How dare the Blacks or anyone oppose the Beattie nation?
You can’t let Aborigines get ideas above their station,
so we have cops for rich not poor, that’s why they’re above the law.
Like pigs in swill, they kill at will and face no condemnation,
they smash and bash with impunity because they have immunity.
From Daniel Yock to Mulrunji they’ve been on a killing spree.
Wake up now before it’s too late – it could happen to you or even me.

Written following the heavily armed police invasion of Palm Island after the police station was burnt down following the police killing of Mulrunji.