Letter to John-Paul Langbroek, Queensland Minister for Education


Dear Minister,
Thank you for ending Jenny Macklin’s racist and self defeating “trial” of withholding parent’s social security payments if their child or children aren’t attending school regularly. There are many reasons why some children do not attend school regularly such as the way they are taught, learning difficulties, bullying, the approachability of the school, how welcoming the school is to children’s elders and more. It does nothing to help children who are not attending school to have their parents driven into desperate financial situations.

Whilst I would encourage every child to attend school and continue their education as long as is possible, forcing a child to attend school can do little to help a child attain learning. Part of encouraging a child to attend school is the removal of obstacles to learning.

Macklin claims to have “evidence” her policies are working. She is either just deceitful or she is confusing what she wants to believe is true with evidence. She is supposed to be running a 21st century social security system but her beliefs and attitudes are more in keeping with the manager of an 18th century Poor House.

Yours sincerely