I’ll tell you a story,
I’ll tell you a tale
of coppers who kill
and policemen who fail.

They didn’t suspend them
they didn’t need bail
and they’re never likely
to be inside of jail.

Oh he was from Cherbourg
and just having fun
then he swore at some coppers
then tried to run.

The sergeant caught him
and knocked him to the ground.
The police woman came
and kicked in his head.
within one hour
they found he was dead.

Eighteen years old
he wrote and he danced:
but didn’t stand a chance.
The coppers caught him
out on the town
they bashed and they kicked him
when he was knocked down.

Then they gathered him up
his crumpled body
and all
handcuffed him
so he couldn’t break his fall
choked on his vomit,
it caused him to drown.
When you swear at coppers
you shouldn’t stay round.

Written after the police killing of Daniel Yock.