Howard’s Iraq wheat deal

We’ll decide who buys our wheat
and the manner in which they buy.
We’ll decide who we will bomb
and the manner in which they’ll die.
And by the way, we didn’t know,
we didn’t know that it wasn’t so.
We never heard the children’s screams.
Saddam Hussein was the one it seems
who took the wheat, gold and dreams
and designed the Wheat Board’s schemes.
As for the AWB’s deals, we were blind.
Lost are the WMDs we hoped to find.
We took the cash but couldn’t see
the corrupt deals with well bribed ghouls
or all the misery hidden in the debris
of dismembered bodies and tortured souls.
We’ll decide who buys our wheat,
who will starve and who will eat,
who we’ll spurn and who we’ll greet
and who we’ll rob and who we’ll cheat.

First Published Al- Moharer Vol. 239b 6/2/2006 mohhtm/j_tomlinson239b.htm