The best hope for world peace

Written on 20 March 2003

The United States and Britain have already stepped up the bombing of areas of Southern Iraq in their unilaterally imposed ‘no fly zone’. They do not have sufficient decency to wait until their unilaterally imposed deadline for war expires. In relation to the coverage of the war the western press is, with some notable exceptions, behaving like a cheer squad in the run up to a grand final.

I had hoped that ordinary people who turned out in unprecedented numbers to oppose this war might have been able to deflect the Bush/Blair/Howard crusade of white Christian capitalism against the Iraqi people.

If their invasion of Iraq is accomplished with little loss of US, British and Australian lives then very shortly several other countries will be invaded. The best hope for world peace is that tens of thousands of US, British and Australian soldiers are killed. If this occurs this might dampen the American, British and Australian Governments enthusiasm for going round the world meeting lots of nice people and then killing them.