The war of terror

First published Al-Moharer 1/10/2008 also published on the same day
on Union Songs website.

Our great and glorious friend,
in the war without any end,

I see through the haze
as I sing in praise
of our great and glorious friend
fighting the war without end
ignoring the message we send.

Though the war mightn’t make any sense,
we attack them at enormous expense,
the fighting’s intense, we call it defence
though time and again it causes offence.
It’s a war without recompense.

“You’re either with or against us”, they say
as our soldiers go marching away
to the crusade that’s now drawing nigh
they fight, they’re wounded, they die.

The truth is distorted and bodies contorted
with humanity thwarted as the war is reported
and decency aborted; the Treasury’s rorted.
God’s eye is averted and justice perverted,
as the President’s false claims are asserted.
“God, please turn your eye – I don’t want to die”,
I hear women and men cry
and I wonder why we believed the lie
in the first place.