Why we should leave the US to its own demise in Iraq

Written in 2003 not published.

The United States of America now claims it wants to internationalise its operations in Iraq and to do this in a way that allows the US to maintain supreme authority. This is code for the US desire to have the member nations of the United Nations help pay for the continuing subjugation of Iraq.

America had the opportunity to internationalise the peaceful disarmament of Iraq but it refused to follow the decisions of the world body. The US refused because of its arrogant belief that it, with Britain and Australia, could handle the post hostilities situation in Iraq. It can’t.

In the aftermath of the First Gulf War the US was able to convince the United Nations to impose an embargo of Iraq for 11 years. This embargo contributed to the death of between 1 and 1.5 million Iraqi children. The embargo was supposedly imposed to encourage the dismantling of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. The embargo turned out to be more deadly than Iraq’s weapons.

If the United Nations again dances to the tune of the Americans and internationalises the continuing subjugation of Iraq this will just encourage the US to start bombing some other country: Syria, Iran, or North Korea. The Americans need to be taught the lesson that the world will not just tag along behind each of its invasions, pacifying the victims whilst allowing Uncle Sam pick the eyes out of the business opportunities in the defeated countries.