The Bishop in waiting

Written but not published in 2008

I’ll use the right declension
there’ll be little apprehension
and even less suspension
when I write a poem about
the Queen of Condescension.
One more round
Julie’s drowned
her tears of sorrow
at her very own wailing wall.
She’d been biting at the ankle
of our Swanny treasurer
and it began to rankle
when he’d just ignored her.
Wayne can be a pain
as we all know
and to be ignored
by such a philistine
was not at all liberating
it was just humiliating.
When she was gored
by her very own side
it stung deeply
and hurt her pride.
Wayne pointed out
that there was such confusion
throughout the liberal ranks
so much so they’d put aside
their duck shoving pranks
and were stabbing each other in the chest.

The main characters in this pantomime were Treasurer Wayne Swan Labor and Liberal Deputy Leader Julie Bishop.