There can be no economy without a sustainable environment. The time has long disappeared when the captains of industry can simply treat the pollution they’ve spewed out into the waterways, the commons and the air as an externality that is someone else’s problem.

Sustaining the environment is in everyone’s interest. We can no longer behave as if we are living on a river and that pollution is only a problem for those living downstream. We live in a finite system – a contained system – an interconnected system. Rather than living on a river we are living on a lake.

Any idiot: be they a Federal environment minister or a Queensland environment minister (who approves a mega mine like Adani’s Carmichael Mine believing they can grow rich on the royalties without destroying the Great Barrier Reef), has an intellectual deficit sufficient to be certified as incapable of rational thought.

Bounty hunting

Hey Premier Bligh decision day’s nigh welcome aboard, come talk with me: oh what the heck let’s walk the Bounty’s deck and tell me about the deficit was the loss caused by ineptitude or just the usual Party shit? You can drown the Mary River, you can kill the Eastern Cod you can split an […]

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Can-do Campbell

The majority of members of the Newman Government are ecological philistines. The opening up of National Parks and Conservation areas in the North of the state in order to graze starving cattle instead of organising culling or fodder drops lacks foresight. Starving stock are gobbling up future generations’ heritage. The dishing out of thousands of […]

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John Howard’s glowing futures

First published Al-Moharer 6/12/2006 http://www.al-moharer.net/mohhtm/tomlinson 251b.htm also on the same day in Union Songs http://unionsong.com/u442.html also published in The Woodstock Journal CMFEU Tasmania Vol. 39 Dec 2006 also published in The Word Feb/March 2007 Issue 28 Once a jolly jumbuck camped by a billabong under the shade of a swaggie it seems and he sang […]

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Letter to Creina

Dear Creina The Greens Party in Australia has the closest political platform to Dr Philip Nitschke Director of the pro-euthanasia Exit International. Philip Nitschke recently announced that he will be standing for the Senate at the forthcoming Australian elections for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party. The Sea Shepherd organisation this year has prevented the Japanese Whalers […]

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Pig Iron to Yellow Cake

First Published Green Left 5/4/2006 p.22 also published Union Songs 3/4/2006 http:unionsong.com/u343.htm also published New Community Quarterly, Vol.4 No.1 Autumn 2006 also published in The Word 2006. From Pig Iron Bob to Yellow Cake John the story’s been the same it’s the rich who take the profits and the poor who end up lame. Tycoons […]

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Save the Mary

Let the Mary flow free from the mountains to the sea saving the Lungfish for eternity. Yes, let the Mary flow free protecting the Cod fish for you and for me. Let the Mary flow free securing the Turtle for posterity. Let her water flow free from Borumba through Gympie past Tiaro and Widgee all […]

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Saving the planet – one meltdown at a time

Fukushima. Day-night screamer. “Nuclear power can save the earth” just forget Three Mile Island disregard Chernobyl turn away from Nagasaki turn your back on Hiroshima. Fukushima!!!! Written in 2011 don’t know if it was published

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Special !

PLATYPUS FILLETS Fresh from Obi Obi Creek MALENY Available from WOOLWORTHS – THE  FLESH FOOD PEOPLE Woolworths in Queensland decided to build a supermarket on the banks of Obi Obi Creek at Maleny near Nambour. The site they chose had Platypus burrows in the banks of the creek but Woolworths went ahead anyway. I developed a habit of visiting my […]

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State of the nation

Malcolm’s right call it foresight but there has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian. Jobsen Groeth, a country oaf, standing by his side answers to the name of Barn-a-bee a wannabe from Oonagarlby. Tax loopholes for the filthy rich leaving the poor to itch and bitch. Malcolm leads a mob of […]

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Stop the dam Mary River Dam

First published 25/10/2006 Green Left Issue 688 and in Union Songs http://unionsong.com/u433.html Mary River – childhood home I’ve seen your banks eroding watched farmers plough your loam now there’s a dark foreboding because of the pending dam, which will block your waters, the gentle waters where I swam. It’s going to dislodge farmers force families […]

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Note: The Queensland Labor Government was planning to dam the Mary River at Traveston. Written 2005 to the tune of Glen Campbell’s song Galveston. First published in New Community Quarterly Vol.7 No.2 Winter 2009. p. 42. Traveston, oh Traveston, I still hear your river flowin I still see your lung fish blowin I was 16 […]

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We’re having a whale of a time in Japan

Was it part of your culture to turn citizens of captive nations into comfort women? Is it part of your culture to woodchip our forests? Is it part of your culture to steal Aboriginal resources? Is it part of your culture to kill the largest marine creatures still living in Antarctic oceans? Is it part […]

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