“All they will call them…”

First published Al-Moharer

People keep coming to my country.
The First Peoples arrived first.
Then soldiers and sailors
thieves and blackmailers.
Next we let into our fold
Yanks and Chinks
who came for gold.
After World War II we imported
Dagos, Wogs
odds and sods
ten quid Poms,
pimps and toms.
Off we went with Uncle Sam
dropping agent orange and
the length and breath of
We had boat people arrive
many of them hardly alive.
The latest arrivals, we are told,
are queue jumpers, not proper refugees.
They are from the Middle East
the very people we want least.
Ruddock’s job is to get it sorted.
They, he says, should be deported.
The army calls them
Suspected unlawful non-citizens
S.N.U.C.S for short
Why are they called that do you suppose?
Do they have a nasty effect on your nose?
The Government attempts to apportion blame
they’ll do anything to hide their shame.
They have decreased our foreign aid,
exported weapons Australian made.
They claim we want full global trade
but, refugees should stay.
Stay where they are made.