Open letter to Kim Beazley written in 2005

For nearly 20 years I was a member of the ALP, resigning when Paul Keating signed a secret security pact with Indonesia. For some years, probably out of a misguided sense of loyalty, I continued to vote Labor. In recent times, I have voted Greens 1 but have ensured my preferences went to Labor. At the next Federal election I will certainly vote Greens 1 and am no longer certain how I’ll direct my preferences. My reason for this is that the Labor Party under your leadership has become a party which “Stands for nothing and so falls for anything”.

After you went to water on the Tampa, the Party was unwise to let you regain the leadership. As each day passes you continue to miss opportunities to outline a picture of a decent Australia to which ordinary people can aspire or even demonstrate that you are a credible alternative leader of this nation.

Your dance with John Howard on “Australian values” was stupid enough but the two of you getting into bed on the Noongar Native Title victory in Perth exemplified just how racist you both are. If you had half a backbone you would have spent the airtime explaining to voters just how limited are Native Title rights. You should have reinforced Mr Justice Wilcox’s statement that Native Title cannot override freehold title nor influence what people do in their own back yards.

Gough Whitlam’s 1972 slogan “It’s Time” has relevance now. As Gareth Evans would say, “Hey Kim, even the dogs are pissing on your swag”. You started this “small target” strategy a while ago but I urge you to massively expand it. Resign from the Leadership thereby making yourself not just a small target but an invisible one.