The truth’s gone overboard again

Drafted February 23, 2019

The first time you told me that
refugees were throwing their children overboard
from leaky boats in dangerous seas
I tugged my forelock and thanked you
my leader and my overlord.

You decided who came to this country
and the manner in which they came.
I was at one with you in 2001.
Then it appeared that Ruddock and Lynch
were lying, dissembling, covering-up.
After the election the navy said it did not happen
refugees were just holding their children
up so that they could be seen
it wasn’t child abuse, or other things obscene.

Now you want me to believe that Karen Phelps
the rest of the cross bench and the Greens
are conspiring with naughty Mr Billy Shorten
to start up people smuggling by the scores
to bring millions of asylum seekers here
from far and distant shores.

But you are not John Howard comrade
just as tricky, yes, but only half as smart
rumours have it comrade,
that in a country toilet
you could not organise a fart.