Deliberations in the Australian Cabinet

How many have to die
before you’ll try
to save those left?
The vote’s been taken
a people forsaken
as we play around
with diplomatic niceties;
please pass the cucumber sandwiches.
The United Nations’ compound under siege
the Red Cross is at a loss,
it can’t explain
what happened to its refugees.
The militia have been asked to refrain,
but it’s all in vain;
please pass the cucumber sandwiches.
We could send in peace keepers
to try to halt these grim reapers.
But it’s a ploy which might annoy
our friends the generals,
and what would it achieve,
it’s hard to believe,
it would alter their behaviour.
We never offered to be their saviour:
and now, even Bishop Belo
a fine fellow, nevertheless
has caused distress
by decrying what has happened,
please pass the cucumber sandwiches.

Written 1999