Green Left Panel 2004

What are the underlying drivers of policies in the Solomons, West Papua and East Timor?

GLOBALISM driven by economic fundamentalism
West Papua – Freeport and forestry
East Timor – Oil
Solomons – Tourism and forestry.
All this is overlaid with COLONIALISM
Driven by nationalism and racism.

Indonesian Colonialism is partly driven by
Javanese nationalism
Military control neurosis
Economic expansionism
& the need to rid in Java of its surplus population – Transmigration
Add Racism (sometimes expressed as a sense of superiority)
And you are cooking with gas.

Components of Australian Colonialism
Fear of instability
Economic expansionism
Military control neurosis

East Timor’s troubles 2004
Local bourgeois elements combined with
The Catholic church attempting to destabilise what they see as a socialist government – part of the anti-Christ.
Other players are the pro-Indonesian Militias and possible TNI clandestine forces.
Also there are poor and unemployed opportunists.

A Basic Income would help
search for article by Julie Wark

In all three countries but particularly West Papua and the Solomons there is a pressing need to attempt to ensure sustainability – even if it is only at subsistence level it would be better than Chaos.
The Forests & the fishing grounds must be protected
Transmigration and military control needs to be ended.