Bounty hunting

Hey Premier Bligh
decision day’s nigh
welcome aboard, come talk with me:
oh what the heck
let’s walk the Bounty’s deck
and tell me about the deficit
was the loss caused by ineptitude
or just the usual Party shit?

You can drown the Mary River,
you can kill the Eastern Cod
you can split an infinitive;
but can you make it right with God?

Now with the Mary River Turtle
you can flood her nesting sites
you can ignore nature’s beauty,
close your eyes to her delights.

The Mary River Turtle needs protection
to save what remains of her habitat.
She’s threatened – she’s endangered
It’s the truth and that is that.

You may know him as Ceratodus
or the Queensland Lung fish
he’s swum the mighty Mary
for a hundred million years
if you build Traveston dam
it will end in tears.

 Written in 2009 not published.