Pig Iron to Yellow Cake

First Published Green Left 5/4/2006 p.22

also published Union Songs 3/4/2006

also published New Community Quarterly, Vol.4 No.1 Autumn 2006
also published in The Word 2006.

From Pig Iron Bob to Yellow Cake John
the story’s been the same
it’s the rich who take the profits
and the poor who end up lame.
Tycoons own the mining shares
they own the rich ore lode
the poor just labour in the mines
and tramp the dusty road.
The rich want to cut conditions
workers’ wages are fair game,
the hours are getting longer,
it is all a bloody shame.
Bosses demanding increased profits
they think they’ve got us in the frame,
the economy’s going backwards
the mob from government claim.

From Pig Iron Bob to Yellow Cake John
the story’s one of shame,
it’s the rich who get the payoffs
and the poor who get the blame.
No radiation in the boardrooms
you won’t find asbestos dust
except in the lungs of workers
who’ve got a bankrupt trust.
The rich are money grubbing
demanding wealth and fame
workers struggling for a living
it’s time that we took aim.

From Pig Iron Bob to Yellow Cake John
many chances have been lost,
the rich and poor together
should count the social cost.
Uranium could light the night
so could a solar tower
wind energy drive the turbines
and so might tidal power.
Let’s make the world a greener
place put an end to this disgrace
by letting justice set the pace
and so advance the human race.