An open letter to Peter Beattie

Published in the National Indigenous Times on the 10 Jan 2005.

Dear Bjelke Beattie,

So far all I’ve seen is you and Police Minister Spence supporting the police who are to blame for the events which have erupted on Palm Island.

You seem, presumably because of your white blindfold, to have no comprehension of what the people on Palm are going through.

It is not surprising that no one on Palm believes the police stories about a man falling down one step and having four broken ribs, one of which pierced his vital organs.  His injuries are much more consistent with his having his guts kicked in by police boots.

It is not for nothing that the Queensland Criminal Justice System is so named.

As Premier, you have a responsibility to stop police killing prisoners.

You are not absolved of this responsibility just because you are frightened by the Police Union.

In the meantime restore services to the Island and stop the police engaging in the collective punishment of the residents of Palm.