Letter to Peter Beattie

Dear Premier,
I noted with interest your offer to Indigenous people of this State to settle for $4,000 for lost wages which were paid into the welfare benefit fund and then disappeared by the ‘protectors’. I note that this amount is between one tenth and one twentieth of the realistic loses incurred.

I think it is only reasonable that all Labor politicians demonstrate their bone fides by paying, for the next decade, their entire salaries and allowances into a welfare benefits fund which I will administer.

Labor Politicians will be able to approach me with requests from time to time should they need to draw any money from the fund and I promise to undertake to be as sympathetic to their needs as were the protectors of the Aboriginal welfare benefits fund. Should there be any shortfalls or monies misappropriated by me during at the end of this decade I undertake to to pay every Labor politician an amount of $4000 by way of final settlement.

Don’t you worry about that

John Tomlinson
Director of the Parliamentary Welfare Benefit Trust Account.
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