Little man

He’s such a little maggot
yet claims that he stands tall
little Johnny Howard
the greatest con of all.

He purports to be a human being,
he claims to be a man
without a heart or feeling
he’s just a bloody sham.

Says he supports the battler
and those in utmost need
yet he lies for the wealthy
who display their constant greed.

He denigrates the unemployed,
claims we must support the norm,
his mutual obligation
will take the world by storm.

Wages a race war against Aborigines,
if they were white they’d be alright,
no trachoma –
they’d have their sight.

He locks up the refugee,
claims to be fighting for the free,
he does not speak for my friends
or for the likes of me.

Now he’s turned on workers.
He’s got them in his sight.
He’ll remove industrial protection,
if they’re rich, they’ll be alright.

So that is why I hate John Howard,
political maverick – not a man,
I’ll do anything to remove him:
anything I can.

written in 2005 not published