The News

First Published in Al-Moharer 19/4/2005 Vol. 221

We start tonight with live coverage of a dead pope.
Victorian police shoot another civilian.
A military helicopter on a mercy mission crashes –
medals all round.
Another 42 thousand poor people died of starvation today.
Janjaweed militias continue to kill in Darfur – we continue to ignore it.
The price of oil rises. Corporate profits lift.
A bank sacks more workers. The stock market soars.
Hope of releasing asylum seekers from concentration camps plummets.
Indigenous people continue to die 20 years earlier than other Australians.
George Bush continues to spread democracy –
under the tracks of Abraham tanks.
John Howard declares he intends to be sincerely insincere again.
Australia is sending more troops to help steal Iraqi oil.
Australia receives $1 million each day from the sale of East Timor’s oil.
Now it’s time for the business, sport and weather reports.