Mossack Fonseca

Reckons it’s a law firm.
Now watch them squirm.
It may have had a firm grip on the money
it laundered for the filthy rich
with a grubby itch.
Did it uphold the law
when it decided to rob the poor?
Tax evasion, and avoidance
it was done in accordance
with the rules of money laundering.
When it came to paying tax
there was no pandering
no meandering
governments just wanted the tax to waste it.
But with French champagne you can taste it.
The same with Russian caviar and vintage cheese
both of them go down with ease, continuing to please.
Governments just want to steal our wealth
to waste on pensions, schools and health
for people without clout.
Come on leave it out –
we don’t intend to hang about
we’ll travel the whole world wide
pretending that right is on our side.

Written in 2016.