Home of the slave, land of the sleaze

Written in 2008 not published

My name is truth; but you may know me as justice, honour or even common sense.
I don’t know your individual names – there are just too many of you to remember.
You didn’t listen when I told you they had decimated the Bison
you ignored me when I spoke about their genocide of Native Americans
you suggested that plantation owners did not have slaves
you wouldn’t believe there was widespread lynching of Black Americans
you denied their saturation bombing of civilians in Dresden
you said you couldn’t hear the explosions at Nagasaki and Hiroshima
you refused to believe they had carried out the massacre at Mei Lai
you turned away when I tried to tell you they were using agent orange in Indochina
you rejected my suggestion that they had invaded 66 countries since 1945
you claimed they had never trained Contras in Nicaragua
you denied they supported Israeli persecution of Palestinians
you said it was lawful what they were doing at Guantanamo
you sniggered when I showed you pictures of war crimes in Abu Ghraib
you laughed when I told you that there were 40 million Americans without health insurance.
Now that their subprime loans fiasco has taken your money do I have your attention?