Pine Gap

First published by Union Songs 16/10/2006

also published by Al-Moharer 15/11/2006

also published in New Community Quarterly Vol.4 No. 3, Spring. p.30

They say Pine Gap’s top secret
but we know where it is.
They say Pine Gap’s a defence base
but they won’t say who it’s protecting from what.
They say Pine Gap’s an Australian US joint facility
but you can’t smoke cannabis there.

They say Pine Gap’s maintaining democracy
but they won’t let Australian civilians walk around its grounds.
They say Pine Gap’s part of Star Wars
but we aren’t at war with the stars.
They say Pine Gap was originally code-named Merino
they must think we’re all sheep.

It’s a ground station for intercepting telephone, radio and data links.
It monitors all sorts of military manoeuvres.
It’s controlled by the US with some Australian collaborators.
I’d feel safer if we let Australian peace activists visit.
I’d feel less terrorised if we told the Australian people what it really does.
I’d feel happier if we thanked the four Christians Against All Terrorism
for having the courage to enter the Pine Gap Base instead of charging them.